Monday, June 7, 2010

Pot Pie Cook-Off

Last night, as I was leaving my family cottage on the lakeside and heading back to Camp David on the bayside, I listened to a voicemail from my roommate Abbie asking if I wanted to chip in on some gluten-free flour so that our house could participate in the Camp David Pot Pie Cook-Off.

Um. Hell yes, I do! This is one of the many things I love about Camp D - homecooked meals! Me saying I can cook is like my brother saying he can drive a car - he may be able to make the thing go, and avoid crashing into anything, but a certain finesse is lacking.  So living in a place with so many people that are motivated to make great food using local ingredients at home has improved my diet triplefold. Working at a restaurant isn't a bad way to get ideas for your own meals either.

In the end, there was a total of five pot pies on the table; one veggie, one gluten-free veggie (tasted competitively delicious, I might add!), one chicken, another chicken, and a corned-beef pot pie. That's thirty slices of pie for about 16 people. There were four pieces of pie left at the end of the night. Needless to say, we were all a bit food-comatose by nine-thirty.

Now, this is something that is new to me as well, living here at Camp D: picking your own wild mushrooms from the forest and eating them. Three years ago, this would have horrified me, but here its pretty much an everyday occurance. Last night, three of the five pies contained a soft-shell mushroom that Rachel found near Nicolet Bay, which is called Chicken of the Woods. Needless to say, it tastes just like chicken! (Weirdly enough, it actually really does.)

This was all fine and dandy, until Chris, another roommate, decided to tell his cautionary tale of night-sweats and "a ball of glass working its way through my intestine by force". Apparently, soft-shell mushrooms are one of those foods that affect a small, but sizeable, percent of the population badly, and, well, give them the *****.

Now, I'm sure Chris had the best of intentions when describing his night of misery and poo, but had the opposite affect, as I had already ingested the offending 'shroom. My other roommate Taylor, who has a similar disposition when it comes to these things, sat there getting more and more nervous, worrying ourselves sick.

Obviously, the shrooms did not affect me, and I woke up this morning feeling absolutely dandy because I am no longer on antibiotics after 10 long days of pills pills pills.

I will sign-off now, and scoot my butt off to work on my newly tuned-up bike. Nice one, summer!

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