Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Never Surrender

I met a man named Kevin last night. He was the first arrival at Camp David for the big 25th Reunion Celebration that's happening this week. This means free camping for all former residents and various animals stuffed within other animals and then roasted on a spit for our indigestion (har har).

Kevin is in his 50s or 60s and is the very proud owner of a 3 and 1/2 year old black dog named Draco who didn't like me very much.

Kevin is one of those people who has a really horrible sense of humor, but communicates mostly through snorted one-liners. He told me that his drink of choice is something he has deemed "Turkey Piss", which contains Wild Turkey whiskey and Mountain Dew. Apparently he either has to drink himself into a stupor on that, or get high on Vicodin. Today, he informed me, it was the "vics".

Kevin has been single for over 20 years, with only his "dog-heater" to keep him warm. He told me he is looking for a companion now that his wild years are over. I gave him a spare blanket we had in the closet because he was sleeping in his car, and the temperature had dropped to below 45 degrees quickly that night. Then I hightailed it to my room and thanked my lucky stars I didn't really like drinking that much and I'm a cat person.

Shall be an interesting week, full to the brim with equal parts fascinating individuals and depressing sights.

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