Monday, May 31, 2010

Settin' the Scene.

I can't tune my banjo for the life of me. Why hasn't someone invented a tuning gnome? It sounds so great without any effort on my part when its in tune, but now it just sounds pathetic.

My first day at work starts tomorrow at ten AM. I'm nervous because its utilizing a part of my brain that I haven't touche in months. I'm confident I'll get back into the swing of things pretty quickly. Apparently, there are twice as many servers as there were last year, so it won't be as stressful as it was towards the end of last summer. And we serve hummus now!

Enough of the boring work stuff.

My roommate Abbie spent the last few months in Costa Rica going to school for Massage Therapy. She set up a private studio in the silo of the Camp David barn, which seems like a slightly creepy place to get a massage, but she's got a great eye for design. And with no windows, it'll probably offer lots of SERENITY (albeit forced).

The Lost Campers volleyball team is up and running yet again this summer, with our tie-dyed t-shirts drying on the lawn. DC tourists will be served their whitefish by red- and yellow-stained hands this week. Mystery solved.

There is a congregation of campers on the Main House porch, drinking brewskis and shootin' the breeze. That's the catch about Camp D - it's very hard to be productive because there is always something more interesting going on.

Abbie and I decided that last summer was a little too crazy for our taste, so this will be a Serious Summer, in which we will pursue Serious Projects, although mine are decidedly unserious.

Perhaps I will subscribe to a Word of the Day blog?

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