Sunday, May 30, 2010

Move In Day

Sitting on my newly made bed in my nicely familiar room at Camp D, and it's summer. Finally. It's stinking hot, which is bizarre for Memorial Day weekend, and the crickets are being their noisy selves. It's been a total Door County day. We got breakfast at Julies, did some grocery shopping at the Pig, went to the beach, got a bear (orange soda for me), and then I drove back to the lakeside and took a nap on the beach.

I think one of my favorite things about Camp D is the way you can always here, with total clarity, what is going on outside on the lawn. It's just comfortable.

Too hot and tired to write anything of substance today. Good news to report though - We have about double the waitstaff at the Wild Tomato this summer, so no more double shifts - happy staff equals happy customers! So come get your gluten-free beer (four different brands) today.

Meet Greta. She's my baby -

Happy Summer, people! 

Immediately when I arrive in Door County, my style inevitably becomes hippie rather than hipster. It's unavoidable and unintentional. What a lemming. 

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