Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fly like the wind, Bullseye!

So, here I am. I am drinking the best coffee I've had in months. I am surrounded by the walls of the cutest and sparest coffee shop I may have ever seen. Am I slowly being converted to a Brooklynite? Doubtful. Can I maybe appreciate why someone would love it here? Maybe. Maybe.

The thing that strikes me most about Greenpoint is how easy it is to have a "cultured" lifestyle. A few blocks down the road from the apartment where I am staying, I bought my groceries at an organic food store called The Garden, which is kept in business by people who like to buy those type of groceries, as long as its easy.

Bookended by two coffee shops, both offering free wi-fi, is a yoga studio with men and women waiting outside to be let in for their morning class by the woman with the keys to the place. She teaches the class.

There are people going places, and buying and doing these precious things, like drinking my Americano in a coffee shop called Milk and Roses. The have books on the walls that nobody reads, but it's okay because you could read them if you wanted to, even though nobody does.

All I'm trying to say is that there are all these precious places and activities easily had here, and seems like there must be some kind of catch. Maybe the catch is that they are easily had?

Enough of that now. Living in Greenpoint, Brooklyn for the week with the friend of a friend. A classic New York apartment; small and beautifully appointed. I could wax on about this great transition from the Door County life to the Brooklyn flow, but I'd rather not. It might be best not to be too reflective just yet, and just go.

I do feel like the past few days have had this intrinsic momentum forward that I am incapable of slowing. Last day at work! Say Goodbye! Drive drive drive! Pack, pack pack! Fly out and buy groceries and text your people!

It has been one major transaction, and I am very excited to settle down to the business of the content.

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