Monday, April 25, 2011

this is what today looks like

I am very tired. This morning I took a walk into town before my 9:30AM class to get some coffee. I remembered last evening that I really enjoy walking, so I had planned the walk since the previous evening. I woke up at 7:45AM, brushed my teeth and put on a weather appropriate outfit. The walk was very pleasant and made my legs feel alive and muscular. I ordered a hot latte even though it was 65 degrees out. Cold coffee isn't as satisfying as hot coffee. If I drink a cool coffee beverage I find it to be useless. Much like I perceived myself to be today. Someone told me that every day is a journey. Today felt like a journey. Sometime in the afternoon I convinced myself that I should keep working. I mean working on the project of life, not one particular project. I have been working in the particular sense for quite some time now and today I felt that nothing had come of it. That I was invisible. That nothing I am doing matters. For some reason I decided this wasn't true and I began writing on a large piece of cardboard with an extra large sharpie. I tried to remember every object that is in my room and I wrote them down on the cardboard, separated by dots. Now I am back in my room and writing down every object that is in my room. I have five pages so far and I haven't opened any drawers yet. Tomorrow will probably be different.

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