Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Flagel Moment

While waiting in line to get a bagel prior to catching my Noon train into the city, I overheard this woman ask the guy behind the counter what "flagels" they had that day. He responded that they had all their regulars, "Everything, Onion, Poppy, Plain and Cinnamon Raison", an answer she seemed pretty happy with. I was in one the those moods where I had had too much coffee and was in the mood to talk, so I turned to her and asked, "What's a flagel?" She responded very enthusiastically that a flagel was "just an unleavened bagel, so it is really low in calories, but you still get a bit of the flavor". She obviously ordered flagels often. I'm pretty sure she didn't hear me repeating the word "flagel" under my breath and snorting while waiting for my fully leavened Everything.

Seriously, say the word "flagel", and try not to laugh. Great word.

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